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De Schelp 16, Leek Nederland
16 De Schelp Leek Groningen 9351 NV NL

Discover the quality of this tattoo workstation from InkButlers. This fully loaded workstation is a unique workstation for the tattoo artists. We don’t need you to tell you that sedentary work is not too good for your body. Tattoo artists spend endless hours hunched over drawing tables or clients putting serious strain on their bodies. And turning constantly to reach for the ink also is not very helpful. These thoughtful Butler ensures optimum working position, stretching for the ink is history. The focus on the job is optimal because you do not have to turn away. You can adopt any position because our workstation is stable and height adjustable so you can even work while standing.

The frame is expanded with various useful features such as a stainless steel workspace, a garbage bag and glovebox holder, a lamp with a daylight and a normal lamp, a carousel for bottles etc. ‘This heavy duty tattoo workstation is completely adaptable to supply the needs of every artist’ and is the perfect addition to your shop.

Order your Butler at: Magic Moon

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